3 Easy Ways to Feed both Vegetarians & Carnivores

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One of the biggest challenges you might face when deciding to become vegetarian can come from within your own household: how can you possibly cook one meal that everyone can eat and enjoy? It’s hardly efficient to make two completely separate meals, and unreasonable to make everyone follow one person’s diet. Although it might seem impossible, there are some easy tricks to maintain peace and satisfied appetites – even when both vegetarians and carnivores dine together.

1. Cook vegetarian foods everyone enjoys

There are lots of delicious vegetarian recipes that everyone will enjoy regardless of whether or not they eat meat. Vegetable lasagna can take the place of meat lasagna, and despite what you may have heard about meat substitutes, many of them are actually very realistic (if that’s what you’re going for). I’ve cooked vegetarian meals that even fooled meat-eaters!

pasta-free vegetarian lasagna

2. Add the meat last

Some meat eaters just won’t feel fed if they don’t have meat at dinner, but try making the rest of the meal complimentary foods that everyone can enjoy along with the protein of their choice.  Rice and asparagus paired with honey glazed salmon or maple-miso tempeh lets everyone experience dining at its finest.


Vegetarians or carnivores can cook the protein of their choice separately, which is also a great way to get everyone into the kitchen. Voila!

3. Adopt a make-your-own style

Buffet-style isn’t just for restaurants; burritos and make-your-own pizzas are simple ways to let everyone choose their own combinations.  Prepare pizza toppers like spinach, peppers, grated cheese, red onions, tomatoes, pepperoni, hummus, olives and pineapple and let everyone top their own pizza.  Add ground turkey, salsa, refried beans and lettuce for burritos.

Vegan, Gluten-free Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Most importantly, have fun and be creative!  You never know what foods you might discover if you try something new.

Article Name
3 Easy Ways to Feed Vegetarians & Carnivores
Although it might seem impossible, there are some easy tricks to maintain peace and satisfied appetites - even when both vegetarians and meat eaters dine together.

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  1. karen

    Good article- but when substituting for meat meals remember that the best vegan cheese doesn’t taste exactly like cheese, nor fake meat like meat. That’s ok for vegans, since we’re choosing something different for animals or health. Best to incorporate the fake meat into a sauce or chili to get the texture, while the flavor comes from the beans and herbs.

    • Kim

      Great suggestions Karen! Chili and spaghetti sauce are two great places to use fake meat.